Do you need to use a toddler bed?

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Toddler bed refers to a professional bed for toddlers, which mainly considers the characteristics of young children. The corners are designed to be round or curved, without sharp edges and corners. Pay special attention to whether the materials used in the toddler bed are environmentally friendly, and logs are the best materials for making children's furniture.


This article contains the following:

How to store children's toys

Why you need to buy a toddler bed

Precautions for buying a toddler bed


1.Why you need to buy a toddler bed

1. A small hotbed for the safe sleep of infants in toddler beds. The baby and the adult sleep together, and the action of turning over when the adult sleeps may hurt the baby. Over the years, there have been many tragedies that occurred when the adult and the child slept together. Sometimes the adults accidentally pushed the baby off the bed, etc. Sometimes it even caused an irreparable tragedy. Babies sleep in their own small bed without fear of being crushed or injured by adults.

2. Toddler bed is a small place for baby safety activities, a good helper for mom and dad. The crib can be used as a small activity room for babies, and the surrounding fences can prevent the baby from falling. Mothers can just take care of them beside them. Carrying a baby is a tiring physical exercise, and no matter how powerful a mother or father can always hold the baby with both hands, the crib also shares the work of parents. If you are tired, you can put your baby on the bed to let yourself move. You can take a break. The baby can also move his small body freely to promote growth and development.


2.Precautions for buying a toddler bed

1. Purchase products with formal logos in regular malls and stores.

2. When purchasing infant beds, you should carefully check the product usage and installation instructions. Products that do not have any product installation instructions, no brand models, and no warning instructions are not suitable for purchase.

3. At the time of purchase, special attention should be paid to the details of the product, such as whether the depth of the hole is too large, whether the parts are protruding, whether the guardrail is high enough, whether the interval is too large, etc., to help the baby avoid danger in advance.

4. When purchasing a new toddler bed, open windows as much as possible to allow more ventilation to ensure that harmful substances are distributed outdoors as soon as possible. The proper ventilation state should also be maintained during use, and it should be kept away from high temperature objects such as fire sources.


3.Benefits of sleeping alone

1. The quality of sleep is very important for infants and young children. The baby sleeps in his own small bed, which reduces the interference of the outside world, is conducive to the improvement of sleep quality, and thus can promote the growth of the baby.

2. Sleeping with an adult, the baby is easily covered by the adult's clothing, nose and mouth or by the adult. Sleeping in his small bed can reduce the risk of suffocation. And when sleeping in the same bed with an adult, the carbon dioxide exhaled by the parents will be inhaled by the baby, which is very detrimental to the health of the baby.

3. The use of a crib for babies can cultivate the baby's independent awareness from an early age, and at the same time help to develop good sleeping habits.

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