Hidden Dangers of Baby Crib

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Many novice parents have no way to start when choosing supplies for their babies. They always think a lot and think about giving the best to their children. But this is often the case, so that when choosing, it is easy to get entangled. I always feel that this is not good, and that is not good. Baby cots are prepared by mom and dad after every baby is born. As novice parents, we are always entangled in the selection.


This article contains the following:

  • The first hidden danger

  • The second hidden danger

  • The third hidden danger

  • The forth hidden danger

  • The fifth hidden danger

  • The sixth hidden danger


1.The first hidden danger

The safety fence, lengthening and other functions of the baby crib may have potential safety hazards. If the interval between the guardrails is too large, it may happen that the baby's head is stuck in and trapped between the two fences. The more functions of the baby crib are not necessarily the better. For example, the extension part of the extension function does not have guardrails, which not only damages the firmness of the baby crib, but also poses a great safety hazard.


2. The second hidden danger

Inappropriate mattress size of the wooden baby bed may cause the baby to be trapped and suffocated. The mattress of the baby crib should definitely fit the size of the baby crib. A mattress that is too small can move easily and may cause gaps along the bed. An excessively large gap can cause the baby's arms or legs to fall inside. The baby's arms, legs and face are buried in a soft cushion, which may cause trapping or even suffocation.


3.The third hidden danger

 The cord of the toddler bed may cause the baby's hands and feet to become trapped, and in severe cases, the baby may suffocate. The strap may entangle the baby's body. If you accidentally tie your neck, there is a danger of suffocation.


4.The forth hidden danger

Pillows, blankets, bedding and other bedding may cause the baby to suffocate. Although the soft bedding looks very comfortable, once the baby hugs, it may block the head and affect breathing.


5.The fifth hidden danger

The pendant on the baby crib has hidden safety risks. Usually babies can crawl from 4 to 5 months. When babies crawl, they are easily caught by hanging ropes and dangerous.


6.The sixth hidden danger

The plush toys in the baby crib have hidden safety risks. The fluff of the plush toy may fall, affecting the baby's normal breathing. Moreover, allergens such as bacteria and mites may be hidden under the fluff, and the baby's body is sensitive and allergies may occur.

It is indeed a worry-free choice for mothers to use a baby crib for their babies, so as to prevent the baby from rolling off the bed when the mother is away, causing potential safety hazards. However, is the baby crib completely safe? In fact, there may be many hidden dangers in the use of baby cribs. Although it is convenient and practical, parents should not take the safety of their children seriously. When using the baby crib, an adult must be nearby to care for them to avoid accidents.

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