How high should bunk bed rails be?

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The latest survey by the State Administration of Market Supervision shows that the bunk beds involved in campus crashes generally have a series of low upper bunk safety barriers, large safety gaps, no anti-skid measures for footboards, and the lack of permanent warning lines safe question.


This article contains the following:

What are the materials for bunk beds

How to choose bunk bed

Accidents occur frequently and cannot be tolerated


1.What are the materials for bunk beds?

1. Teak material

Teak is one of the most valuable hardwoods at present. The material is very good. The wood surface has a golden brown luster and the surface texture is clear. It is known as the "king of wood", so it is often used as the main material for bunk beds. The teak bunk bed has the characteristics of natural oiliness, waterproof, no deformation, and no bending, cracking and other phenomena, and the teak bunk bed also has a special fragrance to ensure the service life.

2. Elm material

Is one of the most commonly used wood for furniture. After the elm is cut open, it should be understood that the core material is light brown, and the lines are expanded like feathers. The bunk bed made of elm wood is calm and elegant, with beautiful appearance, delicate wood and beautiful markings. However, the elm wood bunk bed also has certain defects, it is not easy to dry, and it is easier to crack.

3. Pine wood material

Pine wood has natural color, clear texture, and good texture to meet our needs. It is durable, flexible and breathable, and is very suitable for making all kinds of solid wood furniture. For example, pine bunk beds are strong, durable and durable. It has both safety and convenience. The bunk bed is composed of two floors, with fences around it, so its safety performance is very high. And now there are many new child-mother beds on the market, and the baby has further contact.

4. wood

Wooden is space-saving and easy to store. The double bed is more space-saving than the single bed. It is important because the purchase of a single bed requires an additional desk and cabinet, which will occupy more space. The bunk bed can save space very well. They will design lockers under the bed and the stairs to increase a lot of storage space and save more space for small units.


2.How high should bunk bed rails be

The guardrail for bunk beds is 20cm.

"GB / T3328-1997 Main dimensions of furniture beds" stipulates that the height of the safety fence of the high and low beds should be greater than or equal to 20 cm, and the gap between the guardrail and the bed head should be between 50 and 60 cm. The height of the high and low beds is not clearly specified, only the height between the first and second floors is greater than or equal to 98 cm.

"GB / T3328-1997 Main dimensions of furniture beds" is a national recommended standard, not a mandatory minimum standard. Although the products produced by large enterprises generally meet or exceed the national recommended standards, some companies produce products that are lower than the national recommended standards because the "recommended standards" are not mandatory.


3.Accidents occur frequently and cannot be tolerated

Public opinion monitoring shows that there are as many as 29 cases of injuries caused by bunk beds online, with a total of 7 deaths, of which 80% of the injuries came from schools.

Due to the frequent occurrence of bed crashes in recent years, students and parents have thought of some "local solutions" to deal with. Over time, even Taobao merchants have launched "top bunk anti-fall artifacts" including railing elevations, bed curtains, baffles and the like.  However, these are expedient measures, and the symptoms are not permanent. With the advent of the second child era, bunk beds have also begun to enter the family, and the proportion of children among users has increased significantly. Children are lively and active, and sleep is not honest, and the risk of falling from the upper bunk is higher than that of college students. Some bunk bed manufacturers' disregard of the national standard is bound to bury more hidden dangers, which makes people more anxious.

The national standard is not a decoration affixed to the wall, but must be implemented in earnest. To solve the safety problem of bunk beds, the first thing to do is to increase the supervision of manufacturers.

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