How much weight will a baby baby crib hold?

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Is the baby crib necessary? Each parent has their own different views. Many mothers think that it is enough for the child and the parent to sleep together. There is no need to put the baby cot alone, and it is convenient to feed after waking up at night. Another part of the parents think it is still necessary, because when they sleep, they are afraid that the death of sleep will not press the baby, and it is too late to regret it.In fact, the baby crib is still useful. The baby cribs on the market now have a full range of functions and are relatively large. The child can use it for several years. After the child does not use it, he can modify it for other purposes.Whether you need to buy a baby crib or not, you should understand how to choose. Because there are some individuals who are not safe for Bao, they are bought back by parents. Understand these, less detours.


This article contains the following:

How much weight will a baby baby crib hold

Shake to see if the structure is strong and stable

look at the spacing of the baby crib guardrail

The simplest and most practical

No paint is not necessarily safe



1.How much weight will a baby baby crib hold

Depending on which kind of baby crib, the different structures are different. The baby shaker generally bears up to 40kg in a static state, and 25kg in a swing state. Children generally do not need a baby shaker when they are less than 2 years old. The normal weight of a 2-year-old baby is around 12kg.


2. Shake to see if the structure is strong and stable

Shake when you see the baby crib you want to buy. Some baby cribs are sturdy and will not shake. Some baby cribs are relatively thin, and they shake when they are shaken. Do not choose this.


3.look at the spacing of the baby crib guardrail

1. The spacing of the qualified baby crib guardrails cannot exceed 6 cm. If the gap is too large or too small, it may catch the baby.

2. In order to prevent accidents when the baby crawls out, the guardrail height must be higher than the mattress by 66 cm.

3. As the baby continues to grow taller, once he stands in the baby crib, the chest position exceeds the top edge of the guardrail, he must reduce the thickness of the mattress, or eliminate the baby crib to ensure safety.


4. The simplest and most practical

1. In fact, it is not necessary to choose a baby crib that is too powerful. The simplest is the most suitable. The original intention of parents to buy a cot is to let the baby sleep in it, so in addition to ensuring the comfort and safety of the baby's sleep, all other functions are not required. Such as side pull type, with pulley, with cradle, this is not required.

2. For the national standard for baby furniture under three years old, side pull baby cribs are not recognized in foreign countries. Not only do they exist in China, but they are also very popular.


5. No paint is not necessarily safe

Some mothers feel that without paint, less formaldehyde is more environmentally friendly. In fact, some solid woods that have not been treated with paint are prone to breeding bacteria and are prone to moisture. Large baby cribs will use safe and non-toxic baby-grade environmental protection paint.

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