How to Classify a Baby Crib?

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A baby bed refers to a bed used by infants and young children. There are many styles of baby cots, and the functions and prices are also very different. When choosing, please pay attention to the principle of combining safety and practicality. There are also some safety hazards in the use of baby cribs, parents should pay attention to eliminate hidden dangers in time. Whether the baby crib paint meets safety standards depends on whether it contains harmful ingredients such as heavy metals and formaldehyde.


This article contains the following:

  • Baby crib classification

  • Different types of baby cots

  • Buying tips for baby cribs crib classification

The baby bed can be divided into: solid wood baby bed (with paint and no paint), bamboo baby bed, rattan baby bed, multiple materials mixed baby bed

There are two kinds of pine wood as raw materials in solid wood baby cribs in China, New Zealand pine and Pinus sylvestris pine. New Zealand pine wood is softer and easier to plan, while Pinus sylvestris pine is harder and has a worse finish.

The new type is a baby crib made of bamboo. Its advantages are: bamboo is harder and denser than wood, and has higher compressive and flexural strength; clear grain, beautiful board surface, natural color, pleasant bamboo fragrance, elegant and elegant texture; bamboo is not Dust accumulation, non-condensing, easy to clean, avoiding the propagation of mite bacteria, avoiding the infestation of moths; can automatically adjust the humidity of the environment and resist humidity, low thermal conductivity, cool in winter and cool in summer; bamboo has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays The function makes people have comfortable eyes while living indoors, which can prevent the occurrence and development of myopia and other eye diseases; sound absorption and sound insulation, bass removal, pressure reverberation, effectively eliminate noises, and return you to a quiet state of mind. The shortcoming is that the coolness of bamboo is heavy, so it is best to use wooden strips or planks for bamboo baby crib beds, and bamboo for other parts is better.

Rattan baby cribs are rarely produced domestically, which is very costly, especially wild rattan.


2.Different types of baby cots

1. Foldable portable baby bed:

A mechanical structure is used to fold it into a compact travel bag for baby products, which can hold many baby products or other items, which is practical and convenient.

2. Multifunctional baby crib:

These include dual-purpose baby cribs assembled with detachable bookshelves; baby cribs that can be interchanged into tables, chairs, and shakers; baby cribs with adjustable heights to facilitate breastfeeding; and growing baby cribs that can be transformed into adult beds.

3. Intelligent baby crib with control:

With microcomputer control and electromagnetic drive device. It has 8 major functions such as automatic swing, music hypnosis, urinary humidity alarm, regular reminder, voice-activated start, imitating heartbeat, stature shaping, and early education development.

4. Pedal-type baby crib:

The foot pedal is a driving device. The foot pedal drives the cradle to sway through the pull rope. When the pedal is not used, the pedal can be hung up when it is folded. The structure is simple and convenient to use.

5. Baby bed with pillow

Through the unique "匚" skeleton design, the idle edge of the big bed is used to stack the "small bed" on the big bed, so that the baby can sleep with the parents and have an independent sleeping space, which is convenient for mothers to take care of feeding at night.


3.Buying tips for baby cribs

Look at the materials. The baby crib is preferably made of solid wood, and the wooden strips are thicker. Such a bed is relatively strong and durable, and it is also beautiful. And choose to paint pure solid wood, so as to avoid paint poisoning the baby with formaldehyde. When looking at the materials, you should carefully distinguish whether it is solid wood or composite board, and don't be deceived.

Look at the structure. The height of the guardrail is 65-70CM. The standard distance between the guardrails is 5.5CM. Do not exceed 6CM. Otherwise, the baby's limbs will be easily caught.

Look at the accessories: the quality of the accessories determines the life of the baby crib. The general accessories can only be seen from the workmanship. The good accessories are fine and strong, which not only has a long life, but also is convenient to install.

Look at the material. Nowadays, there are many types of baby cribs on the market, and the materials are also different. It is recommended that parents choose solid wood baby cribs for their babies. Because the solid wood baby crib is sturdy and gentle, not as cold and too hard as iron, and babies with long teeth like to bite things, the bed rails should be equipped with bite-proof protection strips.

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