The classification of bunk bed

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Bunk beds are generally used to make use of space. Compared to single-layer beds, there is an extra bed. For children, climbing up and down can exercise his flexibility, and now the common only child has limited playing space, which can also increase the chance of his partner to be with him. For boarding students, getting in and out of bed effectively saves space and solves the problem of insufficient school buildings. There are many different types of bunk beds for different people and needs.


This article contains the following:

What is bunk bed

Classification of bunk beds

Child type

Student type



1.What is bunk bed

The bunk bed refers to the upper and lower bunk beds. Bunk beds can save a lot of space in a difficult room, and also provide convenience for friends to stay overnight. In most schools, the unified use of bunk beds in student dormitories is more common.The bunk bed has the advantages of beautiful appearance, practicality, space saving, etc. At present, it is more practical in home decoration.


2.Classification of bunk beds

According to the material classification, it can be divided into steel bunk bed, steel-wood bunk bed and wooden bunk bed. According to the functional classification, it can be divided into children's bunk beds, students' bunk beds, and invisible bunk beds.


3.Child type

Children's bunk beds are also called mother and child beds, with a stylish and cute design, creating a warm space. Especially if the size of the home is relatively small and you want to give your baby a separate space, then use the children ’s bunk bed to immediately make the room double. However, babies must be of a certain age. For very young babies, bunk beds are not safe. Parents with babies should weigh the pros and cons and add a beautiful bunk bed for the right baby.


4.Student type

Student bunk bed material: 1. Iron bed part:

Specification: 2000 * 900 * 1700mm

Upright: Use high-quality steel tube 38 * 38 square tube.

Beam: use high-quality 50 * 25 high-quality flat tube.

Part of the iron bed is welded by carbon dioxide protection welding. The surface of the steel pipe is degreased, derusted, anti-static sprayed after phosphating, and solidified at high temperature.

Product features:

1. The iron bed is made by derusting and powder spraying, high temperature curing, and it is not easy to remove paint and rust.

2. Welding adopts carbon dioxide gas protection welding, which makes the iron bed more beautiful, durable and solid



Hidden bunk bed The invisible bunk bed can be turned into a folding table or sofa during the day. If your legs want more activity space, you can also hide it in the bed board by folding it or in the bedside table Place clothing or books. The entire bed is only 31 cm thin and the space occupied is quite small. With this bed, friends need to stay overnight without worrying.

The invisible bunk bed needs to be customized. Install the invisible bed board. Pay attention to the quality and connection safety of the bed board. Because the layer above the invisible bunk bed is not supported by the bracket, it is only stable by the connection. It's not fun to drop the mid-board.

In recent years, many excellent designs of invisible bunk beds have emerged, which not only save space, but also add a lot of color to small rooms, and have become a new choice for fashion dwellings.

The drawer is a drawer design, which saves space while storing more items. It can be used as a desktop when you open it and place some items.

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