What are the dimensions of a baby crib?

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With the development of the home furnishing industry, there are more and more baby cribs on the market, and babies of different ages need baby cribs of different sizes. So, the following editors will share with you the size of the baby crib and how to choose the baby crib.


This article contains the following:

  • Do you need a baby crib

  • What is the size of the baby crib

  • Different types of baby cots


1.Do you need a baby crib

The wood baby crib is the product with the highest idle rate among maternity and baby products. There are two views on whether to buy a baby crib or not:

1. Don't buy it, buy ash and cover the land. Reasons: It is troublesome for the baby to sleep alone and breastfeeding, it is inconvenient to take care of the baby, the baby has no sense of security to sleep on his own, the babies are more sticky, and crying when sleeping alone.

2. Must buy, very easy to use. Reasons: It is safer for the baby to sleep alone. Adults are not afraid to overwhelm him, and adults can also sleep comfortably. In addition, they can cultivate his independent personality from an early age, and it is easier to fall asleep and sleep in separate houses in the future.

There is no right or wrong between the two views. It is recommended to analyze from your own perspective. The following lists some actual situations. I hope to inspire you.

1. Parents love to turn over when sleeping, which may cause danger to the baby, it is recommended to buy.

2. Sleeping separately from the baby improves the quality of sleep of the mother, it is recommended to buy.

3. I hope to cultivate the baby's independent personality from an early age, it is recommended to buy.

4. The baby is more sticky, the parents are not crying so much, it is not recommended to buy.

5. Mother is not safe when the child is not around, but the sleep quality is not good. It is not recommended to buy.


2.What is the size of the baby crib

Common baby crib size is 40cm in height, 70cm * 130cm in width and length, or 60cm * 120cm, this size baby crib is suitable for babies 0-3 years old; there is also about 78cm * 140cm, this type of baby crib size baby can sleep Until about 6 years old. Babies grow very fast, and many baby cots need to be replaced in a year or two. You can choose to adjust the size of the cot so that you do not need to change it frequently.


3.How to choose a baby crib

1. Safety standards

Choosing a baby crib should put safety first, and the baby crib must meet strict safety standards to ensure that the baby has a good living environment.

2. Bed edge fence

It is best to choose a cylindrical fence. The distance between the two fences cannot exceed 6 cm to prevent the baby from sticking out his head. Some mothers like baby cribs with complicated patterns and many decorations, but such beds are not safe. The carving is easy to hook into the child's clothes. When the child tries to break free, he may collide and be injured.

3. Mattress

When the mattress is adjusted to the highest position, the distance between the mattress and the edge of the bed should be more than 25 cm. The mattress should be tightly integrated with the bed frame to prevent the baby probe from entering. When choosing a mattress, choose cotton bedding.

4. Position lock

There are two height adjustment positions on the edge of the baby crib on both sides of the baby crib, and the adjustment control must have the function of preventing the child from locking the card. Some baby cribs are designed with unilateral adjustment control, which can reduce accidental loosening.

5. Yarn account

It is best to choose a baby crib design with a hanging gauze. In the summer, it can block mosquitoes from disturbing the child. When the sun is too large, it can also block the light.

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