What are the steps to install the toddler bed?

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Compared with traditional toddler beds, the current toddler bed styles and designs are also very intimate. The price of toddler beds with different functions is also very different. When choosing a toddler bed, pay attention to the size and safety of the toddler bed. Focus on practicality. Do you know how to buy a suitable toddler bed for your baby after the 80s who were the first mother and father? What are the installation methods and precautions for the toddler bed? If you are buying a toddler bed for the first time, it is necessary to understand the related knowledge of toddler bed installation and purchase.


This article contains the following:

Safety of toddler bed

Function of toddler bed

the toddler bed useful-advantages

toddler bed installation method

Toddler bed maintenance


1.Safety of toddler bed

1. The toddler bed guardrail should not be too high or too short, the guardrail should not be higher than 35cm, otherwise it is not convenient.

2. No wood is needed for the load-bearing parts, otherwise it is easy to break.

3. The first is to smell the smell, not allowed to contain harmful ingredients. Follow the toddler bed size selection guidelines.


2.Function of toddler bed

The domestic baby bed size is about 120CM, the European and American baby bed size is about 140CM, and the width is about 78CM. After choosing the size of the toddler bed, consider the color and style design.


3. the toddler bed useful-advantages

Sleeping alone can exercise his independent ability; breathe well to the child and avoid falling. The average sleep time of babies is 18 hours (range 16-20 hours). In order to ensure the quality of sleep, provide a comfortable sleeping environment. Cultivate his good habits of independence. The size of the toddler bed is suitable for 0 ~ 6 years old, to avoid affecting the sleep quality of parents, you can prepare a toddler bed for your baby.


4.toddler bed installation method

First open the front guardrail, pull the connecting sleeves of the two side frames to the horizontal position, pull the front upper frame outward, open the front upper frame, then unscrew the knob screws on the side frame, put down the extended side frame, and the bed Lengthen.

Precautions for baby bed installation

1. When disassembling, follow the instructions;

2. In order to avoid accidental injury, regular inspection and maintenance;

3. Before using the components, check whether they are intact and whether the installation is in place;

4. To ensure cleanliness, wipe it frequently.


5.Toddler bed maintenance

1. Wipe the surface of the solid wood children's bed regularly with a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the dust, generally.

2. If the surface is dirty, you can clean the surface of the furniture with a soft cotton cloth and professional cleaner, and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

For parents, children are their greatest hope. In order to give children a good space for growth and development, from birth, many parents will consider buying a child bed for the child to give the child more independent space. So which brand is good for children's beds? Today, the editor wants to introduce to my friends the knowledge related to the children's bed brand, that is, the top ten brands of children's beds.

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