What is teepee bed?

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If you have a baby under the age of 6 in your family, and you are just trying to design a children's room, I want to tell you, don't ignore the good stuff of tents. He will be called all day long for younger babies, mom ~ mom ~ mom ~ mom ~, hungry to call mom, thirsty to call mom, anyway, always call mom. As a mom, do you really want to throw him some toys and do the housework yourself?


This article contains the following:

What is teepee bed

Advantages of teepee bed

What age are children suitable for teepee beds


1.What is teepee bed

Tents are children's teepee beds, inspired by traditional indigenous tents. The design of the tent room was influenced by Disney Princess Pocahontas and his free-spirited and highly spiritual personality. Children will be attracted to this room because it inspires a sense of adventure.

The tent bed is made of solid oak veneer on the base, bed and storage shelf, then supported by a 5-pole structure, covered with synthetic leather and has a pink skin texture.

The tent bed is comfortable, comfortable and playful, with interactive design elements such as remote-controlled lighting and sound system and a toy box used as a secret compartment.

The tent bed has RGB lights and speakers, which can be controlled through a mobile application (or with a remote control). With a Bluetooth connection, you can choose the music you want to play on your smartphone. The app also has a sleep assistant, you can choose the color intensity and lighting effects of the lights.


2.Advantages of teepee bed

Children's tent bed is a very interesting product, very popular with children. Therefore, the sales of children's teepee beds are also very good in recent years, so the development prospect of children's teepee beds in the domestic market is quite good.

The baby in the neighbor's house is more than 2 years old, and it is difficult to bring. He often hears the sound of crying, or the sound of his mother's reprimand, and then the sound of falling things.

But a few days ago, their home was surprisingly quiet, and I felt that my mother must have a wonderful trick to let the baby entertain herself.

Sure enough, after asking, I realized that my neighbor's mother said that Bao is a fun tent. I widened my eyes and felt incredible. Then went to her house to visit. Sure enough, the baby played with relish!

There are beds and chairs in the children's room, but the babies like to crawl on the ground. It's better to buy a tent and put it in the corner, the babies will naturally put it in, and it is very practical and beautiful and effortless.


3.What age are children suitable for teepee beds

After about 3 months, you can move your little child to the floor. Since the bed size is the standard single bed size (90 x 200 cm), it can be used for a long time as long as the mattress tent bed is replaced.

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