What kind of material is better for toddler beds?

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Nowadays parents are extra cautious when decorating children's rooms, because the children are in the stage of growth and development, so a healthy and environmentally friendly life is the case. The toddler bed is the most important type of furniture in the children's room, and everyone must consider it carefully when choosing it. At present, there are many materials used for making toddler beds on the market, which often makes parents do not know how to choose. So let's talk about what material is used for the baby bed, and friends who are interested may wish to take a look together!


This article contains the following:

Solid wood toddler bed

Bamboo toddler bed

Rattan toddler bed

Parents should pay attention when buying toddler bed


1.Solid wood toddler bed

At present, the wood for making solid wood toddler beds in China is mainly pine, including New Zealand pine and Pinus sylvestris. The wood of New Zealand pine is soft and easy to plan; while the Pinus sylvestris pine is harder and its finish is worse. In addition, there are two types of solid wood toddler beds: lacquered and unpainted. Considering the baby's health problems, you can choose to buy unpainted solid wood toddler beds.


2. Bamboo toddler bed

Bamboo is harder and denser than wood, and has higher compression and bending strength, so bamboo toddler beds are also a good choice. It can automatically adjust the environmental humidity and resist humidity, with the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer. In addition, bamboo toddler beds have the characteristics of sound absorption and sound insulation, creating a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment for children.


3. Rattan toddler bed

Rattan toddler beds are also a good choice. However, the number of rattan toddler beds produced in China is still relatively small, because of its relatively high cost, so most ordinary families choose solid wood and bamboo toddler beds.


4.Parents should pay attention when buying toddler bed

I believe that many parents consider the material of the toddler bed most when choosing a toddler bed. The quality of the material is related to the health of the baby, so this material is undoubtedly a primary consideration. As for the material of the toddler bed, it is generally recognized that the wooden toddler bed is healthier than the toddler bed of other materials. So, which kind of wood is better for baby cots?

When choosing materials for toddler beds, parents should pay more attention to the impact of bed design on the safety of the baby. First, pay attention to the size of the gap between the side fences of the bed. The width of the fence should be greater than the width of the child's hands and feet to prevent the child's hands and feet from being injured in it; Special attention should be paid to the small gaps of each component to prevent children from pinching their fingers. The surface of the bed must not have sharp sharp corners, exposed nails, and wood burrs, which will endanger the safety of children.

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