When should I start using a Learning Tower?

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If you are a young toddler, you may be considering using a toddler learning tower, also known as a children's kitchen assistant, kitchen tower, or Montessori stool. They can be an investment, and learning towers can allow parents to concentrate on one thing instead of always distracting their children! Let's take a closer look at the ins and outs of the learning tower, and then determine whether it is suitable for your family.


This article contains the following:

When should I start using a Learning Tower

When to stop using a learning tower

What is a learning tower used for


1.When should I start using a Learning Tower

A child will stabilize at 18 months and prepare to use the learning tower as a guidance tool at this age. The learning tower is the only safety stool the manufacturer provides for children under 18 years of age.


2.When to stop using a learning tower

At about 5 or 6 years old, children will no longer need to learn the tower as a safe step stool to help you reach the work surface. However, you will see these children continue to use their learning towers in a playful manner, such as a puppet theater, a games room, and / or a fortress for indoor climbing. The learning tower is an open game structure, and there is no limit to how the child and his imagination can play with the learning tower!


3.What is a learning tower used for

The learning tower can cultivate children's independence, confidence and skill development.

Our children do need a lot of games, but they also need to understand the real world and participate in what we do every day. Since many families have a lot of time in the kitchen, this is a good way for them to experience life with their children. In this case, work is entertainment! You don't have to worry about how to make your children happy when preparing meals, they can participate in cooking with you.

Now you can choose a high-quality toddler tower. For your child, this is a safe choice to help you in the kitchen. When your child feels safe, his confidence in development is unusual. Let's take a look at your best choices so that you can decide which family and space is best for you.

The most original and popular learning tower to date. Multiple benefits include multiple colors to suit your kitchen, height adjustment, and can accommodate two children. If space is not a problem, the learning tower has many advantages which will last for several years.

For the adjustable learning tower, we recommend the following age group and step height as a guide (remember, if your child is above or below average height, you need to adjust accordingly) First, we recommend ensuring that you follow our safety Guidelines, and once the child ’s hips reach the height of the safety bar, the top platform should be lowered.

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