When to transition to toddler bed?

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Children's transition from cribs to toddler beds is not always smooth, and their new freedom often leads to multiple escapes. Then, some children slept in their parents' beds and never wanted to leave again, which made parents very frustrated. Whatever the reason, when they made their first "real" bed, making it a cool bed might help make the change smoother and excite them.


This article contains the following:

  • When to switch to toddler bed

  • Easy transition to toddler bed

  • Choose the best toddler bed

  • Don't expect an easy transition to the toddler bed


1.When to switch to toddler bed

Unlike some other trainings for baby growth, such as toilet training or starting solid exercises, moving from a crib to a bed is not always natural. In general, parents should make changes before the child crawls out and may be injured.

Most beginner walking children are about 35 inches tall and between 18 and 19 months old, and are able to jump over the crib fence 24 months old. Of course, some babies are particularly agile and will try to crawl out faster (at this time they should be transferred to bed), while people who are less adventurous will not try to crawl out at all.

If your child is comfortable in his crib instead of a climber, it is good to let him sleep there after 2 years old-as long as you pay attention to his safety. However, the longer the baby stays in the crib, the more emotional he may become and the harder it is to transition to the crib.


2.Easy transition to toddler bed

You must plan your logistics before switching to an older bed. Follow these tips and tricks to make your child happy.


3.Choose the best toddler bed.

Some parents simply put their child's crib mattress on the floor to ease the transition. Other springs are suitable for cribs, usually low to the ground, and can accommodate existing crib mattresses. They usually appear in cars, castles or other attractive shapes.

Toddler beds are good, but they are not a safety necessity. You can install a removable guardrail on the double bed to prevent your child from falling from above.


4.Don't expect an easy transition to the toddler bed.

After changing to a toddler bed, your child may cry and insist on returning to his crib. Staying optimistic, it is expected that he will need a month or two to fully adapt to the new toddler bed. His new freedom may also allow him to run around. (You put the child on the bed and he comes out. You put him back on the bed and he comes out.) Calmly let him return to the bed and leave the room as soon as possible. Because he may not be able to handle a large bed yet, it is best to hold the crib tightly. If necessary, it is no big deal to return to this state temporarily: the toddler matures quickly, and your child may be ready in a month or two. Be patient, don't rush to complete this important transformation.

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