Which balance board is the best?

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Sensory integration disorder refers to children's sensory integration ability (the brain's ability to screen, analyze and integrate sensory information) deviates from the normal level of children's age group. Common sensory disturbances mainly occur in vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, and audiovisual senses. Among them, vestibular dysfunction is the most easily overlooked, but it has the most profound impact on children.When children lack balance, they need to be trained to improve their balance.This article is going to introduce how to choose the suitable balance board.


This article contains the following:

How to choose the suitable balance board

What are the benefits of the station balance board

How to train with a balance board


1.How to choose the suitable balance board

Choose a balance board according to the height and weight of the child.

16.5 x 9.5 inch wooden board is perfect for toddlers and even adult children

Cute design appeals to children

Easy to assemble according to instructions, and comes with six screws

Made of solid wood, can withstand a weight of 200 pounds

Can be used indoors and outdoors


2.What are the benefits of the station balance board

Balance board to exercise your balance and overall coordination. It can be used for balance exercise, balance coordination recovery training and other sports purposes. Possess a good balance ability in your life to help you stand stably and avoid falling; in running and other sports, avoid kicks, but also enhance your various sports performance.


3.How to train with a balance board

1. Standing on the balance board

Step on the two ends of the balance board to tighten the abdominal muscles. At the same time, use the thigh muscles (quadriceps) and abdominal muscles to coordinate with each other to find a balance point and stand for 10 minutes. A simple posture has a good effect on the strengthening and shaping of the abdominal and leg muscles.

2. Balance board squat

Stand on the balance board, find a balance point and stand firm, slowly bend your knees and squat, at the same time stretch your upper limbs flat or embrace your chest to help the body maintain balance, the knee should not exceed the tip of the toe during the squat process, similar to standing The squat is best to maintain 20 seconds, a total of 10 times. This action is very helpful for reducing abdominal fat and strengthening abdominal muscles.

3. Practice support on the balance board

Face down on the balance board, support your hands at both ends of the balance board, toes touch the ground, straighten your back, and tighten the abdominal muscles. You can maintain this position for 30 seconds at the beginning of the practice, and you can gradually extend the time according to your ability. This action has a good effect on strengthening the abdominal muscles, back muscles and other muscles throughout the body.

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