Which mattress is good for toddler bed?

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The toddler bed is the first furniture for children. Buying a toddler bed is very exciting, but some things must be considered before buying. The crib is the only place where you can temporarily put your baby aside. For this reason alone, you should choose the safest cribs on the market.

This article contains the following:

Baby bed material selection

Which mattress is good for toddler bed

Crib style selection

Baby bed safety considerations

1.Baby bed material selection

Material quality and service life When choosing a toddler bed, make sure that it is durable and stable. Check wood, metal, plastic, etc. to ensure that they are not easily broken or cracked. When your child learns to climb, a solid toddler bed will ensure their safety and prevent them from falling off the bed. Move the railing up and down several times to ensure that the railing can move easily and smoothly without noise. When your child is asleep in your arms, there is nothing more frustrating than lowering a stubborn, noisy railing. The wooden toddler bed should be made of hardwood, such as maple, ash, beech or oak, with safety-approved varnish paint and coloring.

2.Which mattress is good for toddler bed

When you buy a toddler bed, you also need to choose a mattress. For safety reasons, it is necessary to ensure the fit of the mattress to the bed to ensure that it is strong. There should be no gaps between the bed and the mattress. You can follow the "one-finger principle", that is, if you can put two or more fingers between the bed and the mattress, then the mattress is too small. A mattress that is too small or too soft will increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), seizure, or choking.

Choosing a mattress that supports the development of the waist and spine can fully relieve the pressure on the "S" spine caused by the weight of the child during sleep.

Choosing a comfortable mattress can effectively relax your child's body, thereby effectively correcting the deformation of the spine caused by the child's daily exercise.

Choose a mattress that can easily relieve stress for your child to relieve stress and provide adequate sleep.

Choosing an effective partition to support seven parts of your child's mattress can effectively stretch your child's bones.

3.Crib style selection

Style When choosing a toddler bed, it is most interesting to consider the style of the bed. Today, we have many choices, traditional, classic, modern and more popular. Everyone has their own style, taste and personal preferences, and they will also be affected by these preferences when buying children's necessities. If you plan to sell this bed in the future or give it away to relatives and friends in the future, a classic timeless child bed is your best choice.

4.Baby bed safety considerations

Safety first, after many years of research, today's crib. toddler beds in the past may put your child at risk. They are usually not made according to the instructions, and a small oversight can cause disaster. In order to ensure the safety of your child in the crib, you must reject the second-hand bed donated by a friend or family member and evaluate the resistance of a brand new certified crib. By checking a brand new children ’s bed that meets the standard, you can put your child on the bed more confidently because they are safe. If it is an old toddler bed, make sure the bed rail clearance is less than 2 3/8 inches (2.88 cm). Beyond this gap, your child may get stuck. You must also thoroughly check the toddler bed to see if there are defects and designs that can cause the child's head to get stuck. Old-fashioned toddler beds may use lead paint, which can cause serious illness if inhaled by children.

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