Are learning tower safe?

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The learning tower enables toddlers and children to stand up to a higher height, protect them from retrogression through clever design, and let the children help them cook, play or eat in the place where they cook. They are so useful! This article will introduce the safety issues related to the learning tower.


This article contains the following:

Adult care is irreplaceable

Focus on learning tower materials

Different types of teepee


1.Adult care is irreplaceable

The learning tower is a particularly convenient item for young children, especially in the kitchen. The most important thing to remember about the safety of learning towers is that learning towers cannot replace adult supervision. You should always be within reach of your children and monitor them at all times.

Before investing in a learning tower, it is wise to conduct some research and make sure that the tower you are considering is at least manufactured to acceptable safety standards.


2.Focus on learning tower materials

Second, check the company's materials policy. Not only is the material used safe for the environment, but more importantly, whether the material used can be safely stored around your child, and whether the manufacturer can guarantee that these materials will not release toxic fumes into your living environment. Can the manufacturer assure you that the paints and varnishes used are low-VOC (volatile organic compounds found in paint fumes) or non-toxic.

You will be very surprised to learn that there are very few mandatory guidelines around these very important issues.


3. 5 safety tips

Below we have listed 5 safety tips to ensure that you provide the safest environment for their children when using the learning tower.

1. Pack away dangerous goods

Ready to use the learning tower in the kitchen or bathroom? Be careful! Make sure you have checked all toxic, sharp or dangerous items, and make sure that these items are out of your child's reach.

2. Be careful of your child being burned

Just like the prompt above, be careful! Please keep your children and learning tower away from all hot surfaces, such as; electric stove, stovetop, toaster, iron, if used near water (hand washing or dishwashing), make sure to set the hot water temperature to a certain level, so as Injuries to children during use.

3. Plane and solid structure

If the learning tower is used on an uneven surface or on an unstable structure (including the side of the island stool), it may pose a safety hazard. Before you allow your child to climb in, make sure you have tested the stability of the learning tower.

4. Pack the learning tower when not in use

Yes, in rare cases where the learning tower is not used, please keep it out of sight. Toddlers are curious dwarfs, and if there is a chance, they will like to climb the learning tower.

5. Check before use

Before each use, be sure to check your learning tower. Check for spills or residues from previous cooking / games. In addition, please check the structure of the learning tower and make sure to re-tighten the screws when needed.

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