Does a bunk bed need a special mattress?

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In recent years, bunk beds have been selling well. The bunk bed not only saves living space, but also brings the pleasure of accommodation. Even the dorms in the school can often see the figure of bunk bed.


This article contains the following:

Student bunk bed size

Other size of types of bunk bed

Is your bunk bed safe


1.Student bunk bed size

Some students have different bunk bed sizes, usually the size of the bottom layer is larger, about 1200mm wide and 450mm high, while the second layer is about 1000mm wide and about 1400mm high. The student dormitory also has bunk beds with iron frames, and the specifications are generally about 2000 * 900 * 1700mm. The column of the double bed is made of high-quality steel tube 38 * 38 square tube, the iron bed is welded with carbon dioxide protection, the surface is derusted, phosphated antistatic powder sprayed, and solidified at high temperature. Student bunk beds also include pre-school and post-school bunk beds. The pre-school use size is 160cm * 90cm * 35cm, and the post-school size is 180cm * 120cm * 40cm. If the school age is reached, the bunk bed for students should be designed according to the standard of adult beds. The length of the bed is generally 190cm, and the width is 80cm, 90cm, and 100cm. The bed height is about 40-44cm, which is slightly lower than the adult bed.


2.Other size of types of bunk bed

Invisible bunk bed: It can be turned into a folding table or sofa during the day. If your legs want more activity space, you can also hide it in the bed board by folding it. Put clothes or books in the bedside table. The entire bed is only 31 cm thin and the space occupied is quite small. Bunk bed: The bunk beds used are mostly made of steel, with fir board, beautiful, durable and solid. The surface of the steel frame is derusted, polished and sprayed, suitable for use in factories, schools and various places. Children's bunk beds: Children's bunk beds are also known as beds, with a stylish design, creating a warm space. Especially if the home area is relatively small and you want to give a space, then use the children's bunk bed to immediately make the room double. In general, double bed specifications: height 1850 * length 2000 * width 900mm; dormitory bunk bed specifications: length 1900mm * width 900mm.


3.Is your bunk bed safe

Safety fence

In recent years, accidents caused by the safety hazards of bunk bed barriers have caused falls and deaths have been common. The height of the bunk bed safety rail is not enough or the lack of guard rails causes the child to fall or die. The accident of bunk bed safety fences caused university students to fall and fall occasionally. Insufficient guardrail height and missing guardrails can easily cause people to fall from bed. Too large guardrail clearance can also cause the child's head or other body parts to get stuck in the guardrail. Therefore, when choosing a bunk bed, parents can purchase products with a guardrail height greater than 300 mm and a guardrail clearance in the range of 60-75 mm to ensure the safe use of the bunk bed. In addition, in order to ensure safe use, parents try to avoid children under the age of 6 using bunk beds, because children under the age of 6 are small, and the children are naturally active, so it is easy to fall off the bed.

Ladder spacing

In the same way, accidents where children are injured or stuck too often due to the large distance between ladders. Excessive ladder spacing will affect children's climbing, and it is also easy for children to fall or get their head caught between the ladders. Parents need to pay attention to whether the distance between two consecutive footboards of the ladder is within the range of 200-300 mm, and whether the surface spacing between the two footboards is even. The frame parts of the bed adjacent to the footboards must not interfere with the footboard Available space.

Mattress safety warning line

The marking line of the bunk bed is the lifeline of the user. This lifeline can remind the user not to be higher than this marking line after adding the mattress. If the mattress is too high, it will reduce the protective effect of the safety fence, which may cause children to go to bed. Fall. Therefore, the national standard requires that bunk beds have marking lines (permanent tick marks), and it is recommended that the maximum height (thickness) of the mattress should not exceed 100 mm. Parents should buy a bunk bed marked with a warning line, and when adding a mattress to the bunk bed, the height of the mattress should not exceed the marked line. While ensuring the height of the safety guardrail, it also ensures the safety of the child.

Drawer anti-detachment device

At present, there are many bunk beds with desks and beds on the market. However, in order to save costs, some unscrupulous businesses have not installed anti-detachment devices for the drawers. When the drawer without the anti-detachment device is pulled open, it is easy to hurt the child's foot. The presence of sharp edges and sharp corners makes it easy for children to knock and hurt when playing. Therefore, the corners of furniture under 1.6 meters need to be rounded. Parents should also pay careful attention to whether the selected bunk bed is rounded when purchasing.

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