How to care for house beds?

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Sleep is an indispensable part of life. A good house bed can not only make you have a comfortable sleep, but also good for your own body. The following are eight recipes for house beds maintenance, for reference.


This article contains the following:

  • How to care for house beds

  • house bedding maintenance

  • Cleaning of house bedding


1.How to care for house beds

1. Regularly adjust the direction: After the mattress of the newly purchased house bed is used, the front and back direction and the up and down movements need to be done every three months in the first year, so that each part of the mattress is evenly stressed and the mattress life is increased;

2. Maintain air circulation: In order to ensure that the inner material of the mattress is not damp and increase the comfort of the mattress, the room where the mattress is used must maintain air circulation;

3. Avoid single-point jumping or fixed-point weighting on the mattress, avoid standing on the mattress or do single-point jumping or fixed-point weighting, this will make the mattress unevenly stressed, and should also avoid long-term sitting Edge, and shorten the life of the mattress;

4. Do not use water to clean the mattress: in case of liquid pouring, it penetrates into the inner layer of the mattress. Or just blow dry with an electric fan. In addition, do not use dry cleaning fluid to clean the house bed surface, as this may damage the cloth surface;

5. Do not smoke on the house bed or place the mattress near the flame;

6. Use cleaning pad: To ensure the sanitation of the mattress, cover the cleaning pad before covering the house bed sheet;

7. Coordination of upper and lower pads: Do not place a board between the upper pad and the lower pad or place the upper pad on the damaged old mattress. You can purchase a matching lower pad to extend the life and sleep comfort of the new mattress. , The surface of the mattress is contaminated and can be scrub house bed with alcohol in time;

8. Handle with care: When carrying, the mattress needs to be placed on an upright surface. Do not bend or fold it. This will damage the shaped frame of the mattress and cause the mattress to distort and deform. bedding maintenance

1. When cleaning high-grade cotton house bedding, there will be different degrees of shrinkage under normal circumstances;

2. In addition, cotton products are easy to wrinkle, less elastic, acid and alkali resistant, so it is not suitable for long-term treatment at high temperatures above 100. It is best to iron the product with a steam iron after each use, the effect will be better;

3. Neutral detergent is required, bleach can not be used, the water temperature is below 30, it is ironed at medium temperature after drying, folded and stored in a dry place;


3.Cleaning of house bedding

1. The latex pillow needs to be soaked in cold detergent. After lightly pressing it by hand, rinse it with water repeatedly. Afterwards, wrap it with cloth to absorb most of the water,

Place in a cool place to air dry, do not expose to the sun to avoid the material deterioration and oxidation;

2. The down pillow is easy to form balls when it meets water, so it can't be washed in the water. During maintenance, you can pat the pillow gently to keep it fluffy, and take it to a ventilated place to blow off the sweat and moisture

3. If the pillow is really dirty, it can be sent to a professional cleaning company for cleaning.

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