Purchase a house bed suitable for you

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The most important area of the home is the bedroom, and the most important furniture in the bedroom is the house bed. The quality of a house bed determines its quality of sleep and quality of life.This article is going to tell you about purchasing a suitable house bed.


This article contains the following:

 house bed base

 house bed mattress

 Instructions for buying a house bed bed base

The secret of a good bed lies first with the bed base, so how to identify the merits of the bed base? The first thing to note is the quality of the bed board. When you open the mattress, we will see a wooden bed board. If the bed board is a thin board instead of a multi-layer board, the quality of the bed is obviously not high. The bed has a heavy texture without any noise and belongs to a high-quality bed foundation. bed mattress

The safe and durable bed foundation can not fully guarantee a comfortable sleep. Only by combining the bed foundation with the mattress can we create the most perfect bed and the best way to rest. Pay attention to the following two points when choosing a mattress :

Elasticity and hardness: Everyone has different sleeping habits, so the softness and rigidity requirements of the mattress are also different. A good bed can automatically adjust its elasticity as the sleeping posture changes. Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose your own sleeping habits to Try to lie in various postures, if you can feel comfortable, you can achieve the best sleep condition;

Size: The length and width of the mattress should be enough, because everyone will turn over when sleeping, and leave enough space for people to turn freely. The length of the mattress should be at least 15 centimeters plus the height of the individual. Reserve space for pillows to reduce the pressure during sleep. Those who are too tall are recommended to buy an extended mattress.


3.Instructions for buying a house bed

Beware of hot beds recommended by merchants

When you buy a bed, you usually see beds recommended by merchants. These beds are often placed in very conspicuous places, and generally the price discounts are very attractive. But are these recommended beds really suitable for you?

There are two possibilities for beds recommended by general merchants:

One is that the inventory of this bed is large, but the sales volume is not ideal, so in order to make all the products sold and join the recommendation, it can better sell and better clean up the inventory.

The second is that this bed product is indeed sold well, but when you want to buy it, you will find that it will be associated with many peripheral products, so the merchant is not selling this bed, but the peripheral products of this product. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to whether the product is really hot in the market when selecting the recommended bed.

Beware of bed business playing text skills

For every business, selling a bed will have some text or picture poster descriptions, so that people can fully understand the appearance, functions, advantages and disadvantages of the bed. Although such descriptions are very detailed, they can make themselves faster Know the bed to buy, but actually have some skills.

For general products, exaggerated introductions are often introduced at the time of introduction. In fact, the actual functions are not so complete, and they will work hard on the text to increase the function or effect.

In fact, this trick is often very useful, because everyone does not understand the bed or know nothing about it, so after the description of the merchants, it will become a product with only heavenly effects.

Beware of business gifts and accessories. In order to better promote sales, merchants often give away bed-additional products, and this situation is very common and also has a very good effect. However, this is not the case in actual purchases. Often merchants promise to give gifts and accessories Failed to fulfill one by one.

They often say that the gifts are out of stock, or directly belong to them. It is understood that many customers will be confiscated by the merchants even if they give promotional gifts if they do not ask.

Therefore, before buying a bed, you have to ask whether there are gifts and whether the gifts are in stock, so as to better prevent the phenomenon that the merchant only says that there are no gifts or deceives consumers after you buy the bed.

Be careful to use persuasion techniques

Please be careful that some unscrupulous stores use tempting methods to promote sales. This dishonest sales method aims to persuade consumers to change their purchasing decisions and buy other beds promoted by the store, so as to obtain benefits. In order to protect yourself, it is advisable to choose a store with a clear price, compare the market price, understand the characteristics of the product, find out the accessories included in the selling price, and check the integrity of the product before buying.

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