What are the classification of bed?

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The daily necessities for sleeping and sleeping are generally used in bedrooms, hotels, wards and other places. They are usually tools for humans to sleep. Bed heads, bed tails, bed boards, bed legs, electric push rods, left and right folding guards, insulated moving wheels are The component has the characteristics of simple and safe operation, flame retardant, ratproof, mothproof, durable, practical and beautiful, easy to move and so on. After thousands of years of evolutionary improvement design, the types of beds are flat bed, double bed, power bed, nursing bed, medical bed, multi-function bed, folding bed, sick bed, four-poster  home bed, bunk bed, day bed, etc.This article will introduce the classification of bed.


This article contains the following:

Arhat bed

Flat bed

four-poster home bed

Bunk bed

Day home bed

sofa bed


1.Arhat bed

Arhat bed is a very vulgar name, so far no scholar can explain its origin very accurately. There are many shapes of the Arhat bed, but the basic shapes are all three sides, and one side rushes forward. Some people think that the Arhat bed was converted from the Maitreya. The Arhat bed gradually evolved into the Ming and Qing Dynasties and became a hospitality tool. Two people can recline and chat on the bed, a bit like a large double sofa.


2.Flat home bed

Flat home bed with basic headboard, footboard, left and right folding guards, plus skeleton as structure is the most common style. Although it is simple, the headboard and footboard can create different styles; the sled bed with streamlines is the most popular style among them. If you feel that the space is small, or you don’t want to be restricted, you can also discard the footboard to make the whole bed feel bigger.


3.four-poster home bed

The earliest four-poster home bed used by European nobles gave the bed the widest romantic reverie. On the four-poster in the classical style, there are complicated carvings representing different styles. The four-poster home bed in the modern country style can be used to make the bed more lively and more personal with the use of different fabrics.


4.Bunk bed

The bunk bed design is the most commonly used in general home space. Not only does it save space, when one person moves out, the top bunk can become a good place to place debris.


5.Day home bed

It is more common in Europe and America. It looks like a sofa, but has deeper cushions to provide a short break during the day. Unlike other types of home beds, day home beds are usually placed in the living room or leisure audio-visual room, rather than sleeping in the bedroom at night.


6.sofa bed

Deformable furniture can be assembled according to different needs. It can be changed into a sofa, which can be used as a bed after disassembly. It is a piece of furniture that is more convenient for small spaces in modern furniture. It is a combination of a sofa and a bed. It is called a sofa bed.

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