What is a balance board good for?

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Balance boards are popular because they cross the line between toys and fitness training. With the right balance board, you can make your child fun to divert attention while improving his or her coordination, concentration and awareness. They are also popular with older children who like skiing.


This article contains the following:

What is balance board

Material of balance board

What is a balance board good for

The importance of balance


1.What is balance board

The balance board helps to develop the child's proprioception (awareness of his or her body). This can bring benefits such as better coordination and better posture. They can help children with sensory disabilities learn to manage their sensory input. They are good exercises, especially for the core and shoulders.


2.Material of balance board

The material used is beech wood, strong, impact resistant, clear texture, uniform wood texture, soft and smooth tone. The reason for bending is to take out the solid wood through special equipment and steam distillation to increase the moisture retention and moisture content of the fiber cells, and then bend it arbitrarily. Generally, it will be sealed with plastic film to keep the cell water content.


3.What is a balance board good for

The use of balance board equipment for sensory integration training has great benefits for children with slow language development, clumsiness, inattention, hyperactivity, emotionality, lack of organization and creativity. Balance board sensory training has a great effect on the enhancement of the vestibular intrinsic sensation and body posture. Especially when standing, the center of gravity is high, and the balance is not easy to grasp. This helps to carry out a powerful integration of the reflection feeling of the balance response. The high speed of the posture that the child makes for balance has specific help for the inherent sense of the vestibule and the high speed of visual integration.

The balance board promotes the self-disciplined postural response of each posture: let the child take the sitting position, the knee upright position, the upright position, or the four-point support position on the balance board, and induce the correction reaction, the tilt reaction, and the protective extension reaction by the shaking of the balance board.

Training on unstable surfaces, in the case of stable and slow movement balance, you need to focus on muscle control and body balance, and pay attention to maintaining balance during exercise to prevent injury.


4.The importance of balance

Do you really think that the ability to balance is innate, and as the age grows, the ability to balance becomes better to some extent? However, there are still many people who are like this, because they have not been fully trained and developed their balance ability in childhood. Balance ability can effectively help people maintain body balance during large limb movements such as walking, running, jumping, climbing, drilling and sitting.

Children with good balance ability perform better in sports activities and more developed spatial imagination ability; children with poor balance ability often cannot control the body freely, and they are also incapable when learning the spatial relationship of mathematics.

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