What’s a learning tower?

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We may all be in a situation when preparing a meal. A toddler is screaming to stand taller to see what we are doing. This situation requires more effort to prepare dinner. But the learning tower can effectively eliminate our troubles. Children just want to participate in many interesting things in your life, they just hate to miss.


This article contains the following:

The origin of the learning tower

Where can we use the learning tower

Different types of teepee


1.The origin of the learning tower

The Learning Tower is a work inspired by Montessori. It (according to the true tradition of Montessori) aims to place children safely a little higher and discover and explore the world.

The learning tower is a stool with a railing at the top so your child will not fall. This is a safe way to keep your baby at a relatively high level. It gives them the independence to climb up and down like a stool, but has parameters that prevent them from falling. They can help you cook, or just watch, play with toys on the counter, paint on your fingers, play with water on the sink, etc.


2.Where can we use the learning tower?



Some dining tables

Garage workbench


3.Advantages of learning tower

Children like to help participate in the activities of adults at the kitchen counter. The learning tower provides a sturdy, sturdy and safe kitchen step stool platform where children can stand and "stand up" at the counter height. They can see what they could not see! They can help shape bread. There is no danger anymore, the rickety sliding chair! The learning tower is also a better choice because children may fall off the chair.

The learning tower uses a rugged, non-spired structure that can safely welcome children by raising the height of the kitchen countertop, helping parents, caregivers, and siblings at the kitchen counter. The height of the learning tower platform can be adjusted very easily and quickly (the height of the platform can be adjusted without any tools) to suit different children of different ages and heights.

More functions of learning tower:

Made of solid hardwood with a long-lasting finish. Comply with ASTM (F96-30) and all safety standards of home playground equipment. Carefully decorated with lead-free varnish. The durable, high-gloss finish can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. When your child climbs in and stands in the learning tower, the stable base will not tilt. Attractive natural wood ends. (Nine colors of learning towers are also provided to complement any kitchen decoration) Adjustable height platform (easy to adjust as your child grows-no need for any tools to adjust the height) Easy to convert to suit different imagination activities. The learning tower needs some assembly.

The Learning Tower is a wonderful addition to the kitchen and children's play room!

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