What to pay attention to when buying toy boxes for children?

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What are the purchase points of children's toy boxes? How to choose children's toy boxes? Children's furniture storage boxes are the methods we bought to store some children's toys. Many families will purchase such storage boxes to place children's toys. So what are the main points we need to know when purchasing such a storage box?


This article contains the following:

How to store children's toys

How to choose toy boxes for children

Choose the right toy for the child


1.How to store children's toys

Store nearby

Keep toys close to children's play areas. There are two places for children to play with toys: the living room or a separate children's room. It is recommended to create a special area for children’s toys. The advantage of storing nearby is that it is easy to take and place after use.

Classified storage

As with other items, one thing that must be done before storage is classification. Common types of toys are plush toys, building blocks, vehicles, sporting goods and so on. There are many benefits of sorting and storing. First, after sorting, you can quickly locate the toy you need without having to find it in each box. Second, and most importantly, you can train your child's logical thinking ability from an early age, which is very beneficial to the growth of children.

Parent-child storage, complete together

Incorporating toys is a good opportunity to interact with children. The sorted boxes need to be labeled. If the child is young and illiterate, parents can make interesting graphic labels with the child and let the child learn to classify and place them according to the label.

Children alone

At the beginning of storage, you can bring your child together and teach him how to sort and place it. Slowly, you can start to delegate power, and leave the storage area of the toy area to the children to complete independently, so that you can develop a good habit of playing with toys.


2.How to choose toy boxes for children

1. When storing toys, you can choose a drawer type storage box, so that children can directly open the drawer, pick up and pack the toys by themselves, without pulling out the entire box.

2. Convenience: If you need to move the toy box often and need to install a lot of toys, it may be inconvenient to carry it by hand. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose a style with a handle or a toy box with wheels at the bottom. Accessibility.

3. Material: There are many types of commercially available toy boxes, including all kinds of rattan, plastic, non-woven fabrics, etc. If you are worried that the floor moisture is too heavy and easy to get wet, it is recommended to choose plastic products. If other materials are selected, moisture-proof articles such as plastic cloth can be spread under the storage box.

4. It must be strong and stable, and can be well placed in the corner of the home. Because this is a furniture specially developed for children, and it is still used to store toys, so your baby will definitely take toys here. If it is not stable enough, it will easily fall in the hands of naughty children The danger is not reassuring.


3.Choose the right toy for the child

Play is a bridge between the child and the external world. Through the process of playing, it not only helps the child to discover himself and explore problems, but also satisfies the child's innate curiosity, giving him the opportunity to express his views on things And attitude. Since the mental development of each stage is different, the application and inspiration of toys to children are also different, so how to prepare all kinds of toys for babies (baby food) at the right age, suitable and appropriate is a very important homework. Different toys have different functions and different age ranges.

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