What to watch out for when buying house beds?

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The house bedroom is a space for us to recuperate and recharge. Because one third of our life is spent in the house bedroom, it is very important for us to buy a high-quality house bed. The house bed is a house bed where people rest. Everyone spends one third of their life in house bed, so it is important to choose a good house bed.The house bed is a house bed where people rest. Everyone spends one third of their life in house bed, so it is important to choose a good house bed.If the house bed is not properly selected, it will seriously affect our sleep quality, so how to choose a house bed?


This article contains the following:

  • Height of house bed

  • Mattress for house bed

  • Size of house bed

  • Conform to the decoration style


1.Height of house bed

The house bed used by contemporary people actually includes two parts: house bed frame and mattress. The latest trend has four requirements for house beds. The first is to be stable and not to feel a wobbly sleep. Secondly, the styling should be simple, and the house bed with straight lines is more in line with consumers' buying ideas. Third, the area of the house bed head has a tendency to increase, and characteristics must be made. As a designer of furniture, the best link is placed on the head of the house bed. Fourth, the height of the house bed is reduced. Many mattresses are only 20 cm, while the height of traditional house beds is 40 cm.


2.Mattress for house bed

To sleep well, the mattress is the key. Experience tells us that a good mattress should be strong enough to support your body in various parts, and when you lie on it, the spine is better than when standing. Of course, it should not be too hard, so that the hips and shoulders exceed their normal curvature, and should not be too soft, so that it is difficult to move the body during sleep. For high-end house beds, the mattresses are also very particular. One is the use of independent mattresses. Second, the materials used are exquisite. First, the fillers are exquisite. To meet the requirements of environmental protection, breathability, and human compatibility, there is the fabric of the outer bag. Some advanced mattresses are made of high-grade polyester, which has a good texture .


3.Size of house bed

If space permits, the house bed should be as large as possible. The ideal double house bed size is 160 cm * 200 cm (standard double house bed size is 135 cm * 195 cm).


4.Conform to the decoration style

How the house decoration style is also an important basis for considering how to buy a house bed, such as Korean simple and beautiful, European luxury and nobleness, American grandeur, Chinese restrained elegance. Under different decoration styles, with unique furniture, it will become the finishing touch of the whole space


5.Match with age

The house bed required in different ages is also different, for example, young people like a softer house bed, but for middle-aged and older people, it is more suitable for a house bed with a slightly higher hardness, which is more beneficial to them Problems of lumbar spine, such as solid wood house bed, leather house bed, etc.

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