How do you decorate a child's toy box?

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It is a wonderful time to play with children, but when the game is over, parents often have to face ups and downs of toys. Do it yourself, the baby is still throwing your packed toys on the side, just turned around, the packed corner is already messy again. In fact, as long as the parents think about it, they use some methods to cleverly store the sundries in the home, and let the children do it by themselves, so that they can create a comfortable and clean environment for him. This is the correct way to open the storage.


This article contains the following:

What to pay attention to when buying toy boxes

How to choose a toy box

How do you decorate a child's toy box


1.What to pay attention to when buying toy boxes

If you use an oversized storage box to hold children's toys, the baby can even curl up inside, and can hold a lot of toys, but the lid is not easy to open. Every time the baby takes the toy, he must ask the adult to open the box. However, if the adult does not cover the cover for the sake of trouble, then the toy will be dirty again. Choose a toy box with a lid that can be placed stably. The lid can stop at any open position. It is best to use a little force to move it. If the toy box is large enough for the child to crawl in, and the lid is very light, make sure there is a vent hole in the box or there is enough space between the lid and the box to prevent the child from falling into it and suffocating.


2.How to choose a toy box

 Transparent plastic box, you can know what is inside at a glance. As above, if it is the one on the left, every time you look for something, you need to open it all to see, because the storage box is often moved, even if it is labeled, it is almost the same as engraving the sword. Besides, the baby can't read the label

 It has a cover, which is convenient for storing dust and stacking. The most commonly used ones can take off the cover, but most of the "standby" still need to maintain the state of the cover. Pay attention to the buckle of the box. If you choose the one on the upper right, the child can easily switch on or off. Otherwise, the child can't open it when he wants to play.

Size and shape depend on demand. If there are too many and large toys, choose a toy box as shown below. If the toys are small and fragmented, choose a small toy box.


3.How do you decorate a child's toy box

Just paste or paste the photos of your children, friends and family on the wooden toy box to get personalized feeling. A good way to keep these photos is to lament them before attaching them to the toy box.

Gender based box - if the toy box is designed for girls, you may want to consider decorating it with female items such as Barbie dolls, or with a princess theme. Add some flash, charming stickers and satin to the inside of the box to match the theme. If the box is for boys, please stick to racing or transformers. Paint the box dark and put stickers or cuts on his favorite TV shows or movie characters.

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