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Cat Climbing Wood Tree House with Pet Toys

Material : Wood
Color : Brown Color
  • Kindercasa

Cat Climbing Wood Tree House with Pet Toys

No matter your kitten wants to overlook the world on the top perch, melt into the luxury deep hammock, or feel spoiled in the cozy cradle, this multi-purpose cat playground works perfectly as a recreation paradise! Your furry friends can play with the interactive hanging ball and loop, tour freely in their castle across the platforms, or just be lazy inside the warm condo - Exploration never ends!

Made of compressed wood with carpeted surfaces and seven posts wrapped in sisal rope, the cat tree provides a durable design that caters to your cat. The materials offer excellent traction for climbing and a prime surface for the necessary sharpening of claws.

Triple-platform indoor cat tree with 7 scratching posts wrapped in jute.Round top platform with sides and curved top rim doubles as a cat bed .Stable square-shaped base ideal for placement in room corners; made of MDF, carpet, paper tubes, and jute.

Easy-to-use cat tower equipped with detailed graphic instructions for hassle-free installation

Package Content:

1x Rainbow Rocker

1x Assembly Manual


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