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Wooden Rocking Cat Bed with Linen Mattres

Material : Pine Wood
Color : Rainbow Color
  • Kindercasa

Wooden Rocking Cat Bed with Linen Mattres

There is a small wooden block under the cat bed. When the cat sleeps at night, the small wooden block can stabilize the cat bed and prevent the cat bed from shaking. When kittens play during the day, they collect small pieces of wood to turn them into cat swing toys.

The package is equipped with thick linen and multi-layer mesh. Thick linen pads are used to keep pets warm in winter, while mesh pads are used to maintain ventilation and breathability in summer and are more comfortable.

Durable and comfortable: Non-slip design and off-ground design make the cat bed more stable and difficult to move, and hammocks leave the ground, allowing air circulation, good air permeability of cloth, keeping pets cool and comfortable, healthier than sleeping directly on the ground.

The light color and the arc-shaped design give people a gentle feeling, and the material of solid wood is high grade. It can be matched with any decoration style. It is not only practical but also has a very high appearance.

This pet hammock bracket is very simple to install, Easy to disassemble. All installation tools are provided, including screwdrivers, without any other tools

Package Content:

1x Rainbow Rocker

1x Assembly Manual


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